Thank You for Giving Girls Your Time, Energy & Enthusiasm!

There is no better gift to girls than helping them set a high goal and reaching it because the knowledge and skills they learn during the 2016 Girl Scout Cookie Program will serve them throughout the rest of their lives! As a volunteer, you can give your Girl Scouts all the benefits of the unique leadership program that the Girl Scout Cookie Program offers:

  • Hands-on leadership & entrepreneurial experience
  • A wealth of essential skills, not from a book, but from real-life experience that builds a strong foundation for success
  • Goal setting
  • And best of all...Girl Scouts across the county will be inspiring change!

They will discover how their sister Girl Scouts are making a difference right now. They will connect with people in their communities. And they will use the power of Girl Scout Cookies to take action in their own neighborhoods and far beyond.

Girls are invited to set two kinds of cookie goals:

  • What can we do for fun and learning with our cookie proceeds?
  • What can we do with our cookie proceeds to help others?

A great Cookie Program is led by girls...but is inspired by YOU!

Find great resources at the Little Brownie Bakers website, including activities and ideas in the girls age-appropriate Cookie Activity Kits! You can also find additional resources here.

Get online and get connected - Cookie Club™!

What goes together like Thin Mints and a glass of milk? Girl Scout Cookies and computer savvy! New this year is the Girl Scout Cookie Club™ were girls can "ask" customers online to buy cookies! They can supercharge their cookie sales by taking orders online and...

  • Send emails to friends and family asking for cookie "promises"
  • Watch online orders stack up in their Goal Tracker
  • Deliver cookies and accept payment in person


Joining the Cookie Club™ begins with YOU - the adult volunteer, who must set up your girl's account. It's fun! It's safe! And it works! Get more information on the Cookie Club™ here.

Cookie Stations

GSMISTS will be arranging Cookie Stations throughout our council. Cookie Stations will be available at each GSMISTS Service Center and at other locations throughout our jurisdiction. Cookie Stations will store a variety of cookies that any troop or group may access to fill secondary orders or to sell at a Cookie Booth.

Cookie Stations will be available; however not all varieties may be available at every Cookie Station.

  • Troops may pick up cookies from a Cookie Station by the case only. Mixed cases will be allowed.
  • Troops that need amounts less than a full case may purchase them at full price from a Service Center. No troop proceeds or credit toward girl incentives will apply to less than full case purchases.
  • Cookies picked up from a Cookie Station may not be returned or exchanged.
  • Please call the Cookie Station to make sure the cookie varieties, in the amounts you want, will be available on the day you plan to pick them up.

Community Cookie Booth Weekend

This year, the Community Cookie Booth Day is scheduled for February 18, 2017. Booths will be scheduled by GSMISTS throughout the council. This sale will allow troops to earn instant proceeds. Troops or groups can begin signing up for Community Cookie Booth Weekend times and locations in February on the eBudde Booth Scheduler. Troops will earn $.65 per package sold. Boxes sold will not count toward girl incentives.

Cookie Booths

Cookie Booths are a troop/group project and take place February 24 - March 19, 2017. This is a great way for girls to demonstrate their marketing, interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills. Not only are Cookie Booths a great leadership opportunity, but they can also greatly increase your troop's sales goals. Plus, each participating Girl Scout will earn additional recognitions and Cookie Dough. Since Cookie Booths are all about teamwork, credit for the number of boxes sold at a Cookie Booth is divided equally among the girls at the booth and applied to each girl on eBudde. 

Location, Location, Location!
A great Cookie Booth location can make or break a sale. Remember to think outside the box and consider various locations. Here are some ideas to get you started:

    Grocery stores        Community events        Parks/playgrounds
    Restaurants            Shopping malls              Carwashes
    Schools                    Banks                              Sporting events
    Craft sales               Video rental stores        Universities/colleges
    Movie theaters        Bowling alleys               Car dealerships
    Garage sales         Local businesses           Quick oil change businesses

Guidelines for Scheduling and Hosting a Cookie Booth:

  • Troops and/or Service Areas contact Cookie Booth locations and make arrangements with the manager or person in charge. Be sure to get a copy of your "reservation" in writing for your records.
  • Register your Cookie Booth at least three (3) business days in advance in eBudde. Follow the instructions in the Step by Step eBudde Guide. GSMISTS will approve/deny all Cookie Booth registrations. Check back frequently to verify that your Cookie Booth is approved before your troop holds a sale.
  • All approved Cookie Booths registered in eBudde will be published on the Cookie Locator website.
  • Ordering cookies for your Cookie Booth can be done when you place your initial order. Follow the instructions in the Step by Step eBudde Guide. You can also purchase cookies at Cookie Cupboards located throughout the council, and cookies will be available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Distribute a Parent Permission form to parents of girls wishing to participate in a Cookie Booth. Keep a copy of each girls' permission slip in your possession at the Cookie Booth.
  • A booth must consist of a minimum of two (2) girls and two (2) adults. Follow the Safety Activity Checkpoints adult/girl ratios. Adults must remain with the girls at all times; do not leave the girls alone for any reason.
  • Safeguard your cash box. Do not leave your cash unattended, even for a second. Appoint an adult to periodically collect money and take it to a safe location. Never have a Girl Scout handle money without adult supervision.
  • Bring a card table, chairs for adults, extra Girl Scout pins, a cash box and a Goal Chart to your booth.
  • Make an attractive table display to grab the customers' attention! Remember to make a cookie poster to hang from your table. Visit the Little Brownie Bakers website for cookie clip art.
  • If some varieties are not selling, open a box (which your troop must purchase), break them into bite-size pieces and let your customers take a sample. This sample will likely spark interest among customers and increase your sales.
  • Selling in front of a business is a PRIVILEGE. Be sure to leave the area clean. Let's make sure we can return next year! Take all empty boxes when leaving.

Watch girls grow...and be inspired!

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